In 2016 we were running our Amazon Online Arbitrage business between a bedroom & a garage. As you can imagine, it was ridiculously hectic. There was units everywhere. It was hot, cramped & overall extremely uncomfortable.

In that 10 month period we knew we needed a warehouse. We were expanding to the level it was no longer sustainable for us to handle shipping from Brandon’s family home. We needed to build a team in a bigger space to keep up with our shipping capabilities.

We were also very aware of people around us who had simply had enough of shipping themselves. They’d actually almost capped the growth of their business because the thought of ordering more products made them stressed. It was at that point where we took the logical next step of serving people’s needs. We made the decision to take that problem away from as many people as humanly possible.

We had the systems, space & capabilities to ship 1000’s of units daily. This meant we also had the capabilities to solve a problem for the community. We’d heard from other business owners that most prep services offered slow shipping and a lack of clarity.

Once again, we knew we had the capabilities to ship 1000’s of units offering clients transparency, real time communication & SPEED. Our main focus has always been, whenever products arrive that they are shipped within 24 hours.

That’s expected for our products, so it’s no different to this day to our many prep clients. The deep rooted reason why we run the Success Creation brand along with the Prep Centre is to serve the community that we are apart of & love. We’ve shared highs & lows with this same community & we are extremely proud to offer the FBA Prep Centre as the leading solution for any form of Amazon seller that is looking to ship their products to Amazon.

Whether that’s online arbitrage shipping, wholesale pallet shipping or even private label prep/storage/shipping. We pride ourselves on having the solution to absolutely any Amazon related shipping challenge. The goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients, we are business people as are you. We know that the basis of a good business is solid & transparent relationships. That’s why we are in constant communication with all of our clients making sure we are delivering in absolutely every way possible.

This extends to you. Reading this article right now, I’m presuming you are in a position in your business where you’re exploring avenues to automate & streamline. This is your invitation to click the button below or call the number & we can speak One on One about how we can assist you in moving your business forward.

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