Hey, we’re Brandon and Izaak. 2 years ago we were working long hours at jobs we hated, making less than £1,000 a month and spending no time with our loved ones trying to make that money! Today we are running an Amazon Arbitrage business making £13,000+ profit each month. We started off buying £700 worth of products. Every penny we had between us. Not really knowing what to do or what to expect. Three months in and we sold £42,000 in sales, making more money than we ever made in our daily ‘9 to 5’ jobs.

We built a bit of a brand on Instagram and people reached out to us to get help, then they too were on their way to 6-figures! That’s when we made this blueprint to help you with your own success. This course is a step-by-step video tutorial that’ll show you how to create a profitable Amazon business, scale it up and keep doubling your profits every quarter! It’s based on what works for us right now and now over 30 other Amazon Success Creators. No bull-shit, just strategies and tactics that actually work.