Online Arbitrage is a business model in which you buy products from Online retailers & sell them for a profit on Amazon. Simple as that, buying from one place & selling them for a profit in another. The aim of the game with OA (Online Arbitrage) is to buy a wide variety of products & replenish regularly.

So you aren’t buying item & going really deep buying 100 of each item.

That poses some challenges. In this blog we’re going to speak directly about the challenges of shipping with online arbitrage. By the way, we’ve done this. We spent 1 year in the boiler room shipping hundreds of units every single day FROM A BEDROOM!!

The main challenge for OA sellers is scaling. Scaling your monthly spend & scaling your operations so that you are not the only person in your business working everyday. In order to truly grow & scale your business it’s absolutely essential that you give yourself time to focus on the tasks that move your business forward. The SINGLE biggest task that drives an Online Arbitrage business forward is PURCHASING PROFITABLE STOCK.

So how can you be expected to purchase profitable stock when you need to ship the items that arrived last night or this morning?

You simply can’t, there comes a point when in order to take your business to the next level you need to start freeing up your time. Shipping takes up the majority of your time, but it absolutely does not drive your business forward. It’s just a task that needs to be completed as quickly & efficiently as possible.

This is where a Prep Service comes in & in particular our Prep Service (FBA Prep Centre UK). Our prep service will literally enable you to order your stock to our warehouse (you’ll need to fill in a management sheet & list your products in inventory so we know what to expect) and from the exact moment the product arrives through our shutter door, we handle the rest. We open, reconcile, prepare, label, box & ship your inventory all within 24 hours from parcel check in. Our team are also always on hand to answer your queries or questions during that process via our live chat.

So all of a sudden you sign up with our prep service & you aren’t bogged down by having to ship each and every individual item. It’s a game changer, all of a sudden you have a bunch of free time that you can spend working on the business rather than in it. You have the time to increase your purchasing without having to worry about the van full of stock that’s going to arrive & completely cramp up your lovely home.

From speaking to our clients that have either started out their Amazon journey using a prep service or alternatively signed up with the prep service after shipping themselves. No one looks back. It’s a huge breakthrough for any business because like i’ve said, all of a sudden you free up so much time to drive the business forward rather than completing a task that doesn’t push your business on.

At FBA Prep Centre we take great pride in enabling Amazon Sellers to level up & achieve the goals they set out.

Personally if you are interested in freeing up your time to grow your business to the next level, i’d love to speak with you about how we here at FBA Prep Centre can facilitate that growth.

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